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IDIOCRACY to see the light of day? In a theater? On September 1st!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a bit of good news/bad news courtesly of the Austin Chronicle. It looks like good news for me, being an Austinite means I get to see Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY on September 1st. Bad news for everybody else is that Fox is only releasing the film in 6 other cities. I've heard things all over the map for this movie, about an average man who volunteers for an army project, is put to sleep for hundreds and hundreds of years and wakes up in a country that has been so dumbed down that he is literally the smartest man on Earth. I've heard it's crazy insane funny and I've heard it is very flawed, even hard to sit through. All I know is the premise is great, OFFICE SPACE was fuckin' great and I'm all for seeing this film. Hopefully it'll do well in Austin and the other markets and Fox will release it wider. Here's the original Chronicle blurb:

The good news is that Austin fans will finally get to see Mike Judge's futuristic comedy, Idiocracy, on the big screen. The bad news is that people in most other areas of the country likely won't. Idiocracy opens in limited ? and very quiet, judging by the lack of a trailer and short notice ? release on Sept. 1 in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Toronto, a spokesperson for 20th Century Fox said. Whether the long-delayed, Austin-shot film will expand to other markets is uncertain. The announcement comes on the heels of a report on the MTV Web site that the film's release was "postponed indefinitely" with rumors of the dreaded limited release. Wrong on the first; correct on the second. Which leads to the obligatory questions: Is it that bad? Will film execs ever figure out Judge's humor? Is the film's star, Luke Wilson, cursed? (His Austin-shot directing debut, The Wendell Baker Story, should be filed under whereabouts unknown.) Lest we forget, Judge's Office Space was a dud at the box office but remains gold on DVD/video. The better news hereabouts is that Judge appears to be preparing for his next live-action feature, Meat in the Freezer.

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