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PLASTIC MAN - Cartoon Network Pilot was on YouTube!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Holy Stretchy-pants, do I like this little 10 minute pilot that was done for CARTOON NETWORK by the WB guys & dolls. I love Plastic Man. Ever since I was a little boy, I've collected his Quality Comic appearances in PLASTIC MAN and POLICE COMICS. Jack Cole's creation is one of the greatest comic creations ever - and this pilot perfectly nails, in a cartoony manner, the insanity that Eel slithered in and out of on a regular basis. I'd love to see this transform into a regular series... but even more... I'd kill to see the Wachowski fellas launch their storyboarded screenplay for PLASTIC MAN that they had set up, long ago at DREAMWORKS, that never saw the light of day. It was brilliant. Faithful and cinematic as hell. Check out the pilot - and maybe if enough of you dig it - Cartoon Network will give it life!

Sadly this is gone now - but the PLASTIC MAN pilot was genius. It concerns Eel O'Brien - who is now working for the cops - earning time off for excellent behavior as a superhero - from his parole, for his terrible badguy activities of long ago. In the pilot - Plastic Man is chasing down SPLASH - a puddle man, whose evil scheme is to flood the town - and become the ruler of the city... since he's made of water. That we have two fluid characters going at it results in a tour de force of Animation. Not only do we get great Jack Cole-esque PLASTIC MAN imagery and gags - but with Splash... it's like some crazed Fleischer character dripping about. Hopefully CARTOON NETWORK runs with this series - as the short 10 minute pilot that is no longer on YouTube - absolutely captured my imagination. Fantastic!

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