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See THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Digital 3-D Reissue Poster!! For Real This Time!!

Merrick again...

Here's a look at the poster for the forthcoming Digital 3D reissue of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

We posted a prototype version of this a while back...but there was a boo boo...and it had to go away...because it was the prototype and not the real thing...but this one here is the real thing...and I like it a lot. Very sharp. Purty colors.

It'll be very cool to see this film 3-Dimensionalized (is that even a word? "Klytus! Charge the 3-Dimensionalizer!") Believe it or not, I know someone whos tried to watch this film several times -- and she's fallen asleep each time. Maybe this time around she can manage to stay the hell awake...with Oogy jumping into her lap and all.

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