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Trey Parker and Matt Stone return with 2 live action films: THE ALL-AMERICAN and GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK JAPAN!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Count me as a giant fan of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I'm totally stoked for the 10th season of South Park. When I heard the titles of the next two live-action films from Trey and Matt I immediatly got a big smile on my face. THE ALL-AMERICAN and, especially, GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK JAPAN!

The more I heard about the films, the more I kind of scratch my head. GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK JAPAN, a film that will combine live-action with "man in suit" action, is apparently going to be made with Nickelodeon films, which leads me to make the assumption that it'll be a family friendly film. Which is just bizarre. What would a Trey Parker and Matt Stone family comedy look like?

THE ALL-AMERICAN is a high school comedy and will be up first. Parker will direct both features and Stone produce. They will both collaborate with the screenwriters of each project for the final draft (Jeff Roda scripted ALL-AMERICAN and JF Lawton (PRETTY WOMAN and UNDER SIEGE) scripted GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK JAPAN!).

Both aren't the obvious choices for Parker and Stone, so either there is a typo in the announcements or they've decided to try their hand at something a little different. I'm all for them toning it down with a couple films as long as they still deliver my crude humor every Wednesday night!!!

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