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The Iris Closes On SG-1!!

Merrick here...

STARGATE SG-1, the series that lasted far longer than anyone expected, will not be picked up for another season (per this announcement from Sci Fi Channel).

SG-1 aired its 200th episode last Friday, and is currently in its tenth season. The final number of SG-1 episodes produced will be 215.

No word on how the series will wrap-up. Presumably, they have enough time to actually end it. Although, given the way SFC series are shot, this is by no means a certainty.

STARGATE ATLANTIS, SG-1's spinoff, will continue.

Like it or not, 10 years is a mighty impressive run for a show like this. This is kind of a meek retirement announcement; hope they send it off in style.

Thanks to Tim for the heads-up about this. Now there's room for CAPRICA, I guess...

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