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Merrick here…

…with a message of dark portent from a new source identifying himself as DM Danny.

We went back and forth with Danny, getting some details in order before he spilled the beans. The resulting e-mail speaks for itself.

Here’s DM Danny…

WB animation is remaking the Thundercats as an animated TV series.
The animation style is whimsical, Americanized-anime, along the lines of Teen Titans.
The setting is modern-day Earth, in a major city (possibly LA)
The Thundercats are all teenagers.
Their leader is Snarf (!) who is now a mystic with a "third" eye.
Each of the Thundercats has a weapon with an "Eye of Thunderra" and transformative powers (not just Lion-O)
When they aren't fighting evil, the Thundercats play together as a rock band. That's not a typo, or a joke. They are rockin' cats in their present form.
Mum-Ra now has wings.
And I bet he laughs a bit more than he used to =P

So...first LOONATICS and now...this?!?!

See, this is our reward for buying all of those DVD sets of the original series: more THUNDERCATS…”reinvented” for a new generation. You know, because the same high DVD sales that likely served as an impetus for this relaunch…uhhh, what?...also suggest fans of the original concept aren’t out there & willing to spend money? And, the same fans who dropped hundreds of dollars on DVD sets…to own a favorite show from their childhood…would be ECSTATIC to have the same series resurrected in some bastardized, uninspired format! I am, of course, being sarcastic here.

Thundercats as a rock band…is…you know…really kind of perfect when you think about it. They can sing their own theme song, for example, probably in a rock video motif at the top of every episode. And, the original opening music…

…can now be rendered with in era-appropriate hip-hop! "Thundercats, Yo! Yo! Yo!"

I wonder how ballsy The Powers That Be will actually be, here? Disney’s CHEETAH GIRLS, for example, have enjoyed some degree of success as “band” as well as a television movie/performance presence. Wonder if WB will go the same route with poor Panthro & Co.? It could hurt so very much.

Of course, this does open the door to a highly desirable crossover: THUNDERCATS –VS- THE CHEETAH GIRLS. Which would be a true, fetishistic delight!

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