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Ok - You've Seen SNAKES ON A PLANE, but have you ever heard a BLACK SNAKE MOAN?

Hey folks, Harry here... Devin over at CHUD got sent some blurry photos of the new BLACK SNAKE MOAN posters. I have to confess something. I've had the posters in my house for over a month. Actually - not only that... I've seen BLACK SNAKE MOAN. I'll be writing up a full review of the film here very very soon. It's incredible. The latest film from the director of HUSTLE & FLOW. An amazing story about two broken messed up people that give each other a reason to hold onto something stronger than either. A big damn chain and the coolest radiator you'll ever see. Last year I named HUSTLE & FLOW as my pick for best film of the year... this year - BLACK SNAKE MOAN and THE HOST are neck and neck for me at this point. It's a movie drenched in black blues and sweating at 24 frames a second. AND FOLKS... When you hear Samuel L Jackson SING "mutherfucker" you'll cream your jeans, panties and leave wet rorshachs in your seats. UNBELIEVABLE. Anyway - here's some crystal photos of the amazing posters. And click on them for bigger better versions!

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