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DJ Monkeyboy shucks his banana to FANBOYS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with AICN's first FANBOYS review. Although last night Frosty Skywalker sent me a link to his Review of FANBOYS! He seems to have loved the film - and this guy seems to have enjoyed the hell out of it too. I can't wait to see this film and see the cinematic portrayal of moi. And some of my lessor spies. Here's DJ Monkeyboy - his review is basically spoiler free. Here ya go...

Hey Harry, first time reviewer here..

Caught a screening last night of FANBOYS here in Woodland Hills, CA.

For those who aren't familiar, this is the story about four friends, all of whom have a deep passion for all things Star Wars, that drifted apart after high school ended and the real world intruded. When one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer, they come together and head west to california to break in the Skywalker Ranch and steal the rough cut of the long awaited Episode I (the film takes place in 1998, btw..)

In a nutshell, the movie was very entertaining. It kept consistent with the humor, despite coming dangerously close to veering off into sentimental schmaltz more than a few times. I would say that it felt like a tv movie, but that could also be because the print we saw last night was actually projected on video.

The characters were all very likable, if not a little too thin. You have the lead character, Eric, the prodigal friend who left the circle after high school to work with his father at his car dealerships. (Christopher McDonald, always reliable as the over the top father) And you have the former best friend, Linus, who finds out he only has three months to live. Both are pretty much cookie cutter with not much given to do except argue with each other. All the comic relief rests on the shoulders of the other two friends: Windows, the tall, lanky nerd with thick glasses who runs his own comic book store, and, most memorably, Hutch, the short, stout, very hairy, RUSH-lovin firecracker who owns the van that the four guys take the road trip in. The vehicle is one of the best parts of the movie. It's all tricked out like a millinium falcon on wheels. As much as i loved Hutch, he is what i'm afraid is about to become a painful cliche: the Jack Black role..yeesh.

But like i said, the comedy keeps it truckin along. They're are some VERY funny set pieces, one of which includes the ongoing fued between 'Lucas-hounds' and 'trekkies'. And the film references and cameos are never-ending and always welcomed. The crowd i saw this with loved it and ate it up.

And of course, there is the appearance of the"Harry Knowles" character, which was personally my favorite part of the movie. It was pretty cool seing "you" kick some ass like a sand-person on steroids. The guy behind me muttered "yeah, kick that talkbacker's ass".. He said it, i didn't!!

Sorry kinda short, but i didn't want to reveal too much, especially with the cameos.

call me dj monkeyboy..

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