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TRANSFORMERS Movie Scripters To Bravely Face Raging Hoards Of Geeks In Live Web Chat...Tomorrow!! Join In!!


Merrick again...

The URLs for the chat mentioned below are now online.

You can click HERE to submit a question through the official TRANSFORMERS movie site message boards, or CLICK HERE to jump directly to the Yahoo chat URL.


Original article follows...

Merrick here...

Tomorrow (Friday August 18) you'll be able to participate in a live video chat with Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, writers of the TRANSFORMERS movie.

The chat will happen via Yahoo tomorrow at 11a.m. Pacific Time (that's 2pm Eastern).

Among the information to be gleaned from the chat? The finalized identities of all Autobots/Decepticons to appear in the film. Folks following the long and winding tale of TRANSFORMERS here on AICN may recall that various drafts of the film's script used "place holder" names/identities for robots; the final word on who shows up in the movie will come down in this conference.

Alex and Bob will also be answering questions from the Geeky masses - questions you can begin submitting shortly via message boards at the official TRANSFORMERS movie website (which you can access HERE).

Be sure to check the official site for the specific Yahoo conference address; we'll update this article as well when the URL becomes available.

This may be a fantastic opportunity to have some long gestating questions answered; I think it's way cool The Powers That Be are pushing open the doors a little in regards to this project. Something like this is long overdue, as far as I'm concerned, and could be a lot of fun...

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