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PRISON BREAK's Dominic Purcell As Banner In INCREDIBLE HULK?!?! Could Be...

Merrick here...

Several folks have messaged us about this tidbit; we thought it might be worth passing on.

PRISON BREAK's Dominic Purcell was interviewed on Scott & Todd in the Morning (WPLJ in NYC) earlier today. In case you don't know what he looks like, here's a pic:

Hosts Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill dutifully cornered Dominic regarding rumors that he would play Bruce Banner in the forthcoming HULK sequel/reboot/whatever the hell it is.

Dominic's answer was decidedly dodgy and non-committal, although his pause and tone might imply a quite a bit.


Certainly nothing earth shattering, but intriguing (and a bit logical) all the same. What do you folks think?

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this, with a special shout out to Fonzie for sending along the sound file!

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