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SWEENEY TODD sharpens his scissors as Burton directs Depp to cut... hair again!

Hey folks, Harry here... well - we've been talking about Tim Burton and SWEENEY TODD... well since long before he was working on SUPERMAN. This has been a very very hard film to set up, and now... It's looking surer and surer to being a for really real made film.

Burton will be directing this cry-baby crooner, Johnny Depp, to a new killer musical. The film is being set up for a 2007 Holiday release. No word if Danny Elfman is going to be adapting Sondheim's musical with Burton - or if they'll just use Stephen. I have to say - I can't imagine Burton doing a non-Elfman involved musical... but, SWEENEY TODD is such an exquisite musical as is... it's hard to imagine any radical reworking.

According to Variety they'll begin rehearsals this November - with filming scheduled for early February at Pinewood Studios. I can't wait to see Depp's Demon Barber of Fleet Street. This is going to be classic!

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