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Oh God... are they SON OF THE MASKing ACE VENTURA???

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here, asking "Why why why why?" I read this Hollywood Reporter article this morning...

Morgan Creek has begun the detective work on a kooky cold case. The production company has hired Jeff Sank and brothers Jason and Justin Heimberg to write a third installment of the hit franchise "Ace Ventura." The two previous "Ventura" comedies grossed more than $180 million domestically and helped establish Jim Carrey as one of the highest-paid comedy actors in Hollywood. The latest pet project is expected to center on the eccentric detective's son, who steps into his father's shoes to take over the family business.

Didn't they learn their lesson from watching the moving abortion called SON OF THE MASK? They do realize that people liked Jim Carrey playing Ace Ventura, right? I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that people won't want to go see an ACE VENTURA movie without Jim Carrey and it sounds like Morgan Creek is trying to do that.

If they're hellbent on making an ACE VENTURA 3, I wish them luck. I'm all for it, actually. But get Jim Carrey back in the starring role. Pay him his $20 million. Make him an executive producer. Give him 20% of the back end. Get him onboard. Or don't do it. At least that's my opinion. What's yours?

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