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Marvel calls out 'AVENGERS Assemble!!!'

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I was really hoping to hear about this film happening. One of the aspects of comics I've been missing with the Marvel films has been the cross-over. You can't see The Punisher pop up, targeting Spider-Man because Lionsgate has Punisher and Sony has Spider-Man. Spidey can't call on the Fantastic Four or the X-Men, since The Baxter Building and Xavier Mansion reside at Fox.

We still can't get those meetings, yet, but with this Paramount/Marvel deal we have characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Ant Man, The Hulk (which they got back from Universal), Thor, Ant Man, Nick Fury, etc, all at one studio, which opens it up for the AVENGERS movie, which Marvel is apparently working on with Zak Penn, who seems to have the Marvel scripting cornered (X2, X3, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, ELEKTRA).

There's a Studio Overview at Marvel Entertainment, that is a giant presentation held recently outlining the company's plan. They have single films in the works that include all the most famous AVENGERS, including Capt. America, Iron Man, Thor and Ant Man. Also in the report is a mention of them wanting to reclaim some characters from other studios, like they did with HULK. I doubt we'll see 'em grab Spidey or the X-Men away from Sony and Fox, respectively, but the more characters they have, the more universes they establish with these feature films, the more layered the Marvel movie universe becomes on the whole.

And I want to see a badass, huge Avengers movie. A lot of things still stand in the way... IRON MAN has to be a big success, for one. I think they'll probably want to wait for Captain America to get made, too. But I hope we're hitting a new wave of superhero films, of which AVENGERS could be the flagship. What do you folks think?

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