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Ronald D. Moore Talks A Tiny Bit About CAPRICA - And Doesn't Dis A Continuation Of The 1970s GALACTICA!!

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SciFi Pulse posted an interview with Ron Moore, mastermind of SciFi’s 21st century reboot of “Battlestar Galactica,” who says the still-in-development “Caprica” prequel series will be a “family drama set in the corporate world” and not an action-adventure series. Which I guess means the proto-Cylons will be well-behaved.

(An aside. Remember in the 2003 “Galactica” miniseries, when we glimpsed that old-school man-in-suit museum Cylon? Makes you wonder what “Caprica’s” 50-years-earlier proto-Cylons are going to look like, yes?)

My nomination for the weirdest part of the interview was the Pulse’s very last question:

Given that there is still a large chunk of the fan base that would like to see some sort of continuation of the original series in perhaps a straight to DVD format, and also given the fact that Tom DeSanto remains interested in continuing the original story. Do you think that the two Universes would be able to co-exist without either side of the fan base losing out, and given that should this other project ever get greenlighted would you yourself support it, given that you could not really see a way to go for updating the original story when you started this journey back in May of 2002?

Moore, not surprisingly, says he’d be cool with it. “If they can get a good story together and get the pieces lined up to do it, then more power to them,” he offers.

The news to me, though, is that DeSanto is still actively contemplating a continuation of the 1978 series. If he is, he better get Aaron Sorkin or fucking Robert Towne or somebody else really good to write it, because the Moore version is awfully well-regarded.

Read all of the Pulse interview here.

To anticipate the question? SciFi televises “Galactica’s” third-season premiere Oct. 6.

If that’s too far off for you, GE’s minions have slapped together a new clip show titled “Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far,” which will air on a bunch of the NBC/Universal channels starting this weekend.

Per an Aug. 9 press release, the special will be broadcast as follows:
Sunday, August 13 at 10PM NBC West Coast (following Football)
Monday, August 28 Free On Demand via SCI FI's cable affiliates
Friday, September 15 at 12AM USA
Sunday, September 17 at 7PM Universal HD
Monday, September 18 at 9AM USA
Friday, September 22 at 8PM Universal HD
Friday, September 22 at 6PM Sleuth
Friday, September 29 at 7PM BRAVO
Saturday, September 30 at 11AM BRAVO
Saturday, September 30 at 4PM Universal HD
September SCIFI.COM's Pulse
Friday, October 6 at 7PM SCI FI

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