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HALO has a director!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I know a lot of you are HALO geeks like me and like me you've probably been wanting to hear about the status of the HALO movie being produced at Universal and 20th Century Fox, Weta Workshop and Digital signed on to bring the special effects, and Peter Jackson onboard as executive producer.

Well, the wait's over. A director has been chosen, according to Microsoft, a man by the name of Neill Blomkamp.

Before you start getting too worried that an untested director has been chosen to direct such a high profile movie, you should see his short film ALIVE IN JOBURG.


On top of that, Blomkamp's short work includes that awesome Citroen dancing, transforming car commercial, the above ALIVE IN JOBURG and a great little short called TEMPBOT (CLICK HERE TO WATCH TEMPBOT, WITH A SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY WONDER WOMAN HERSELF!!!)

I trust Peter Jackson's choice and looking at this dude's work, it's clear he can handle effects and an epic scope (JOBURG) and even more subtle character effects work (TEMPBOT). Let's hope he's up to the challenge! What do you folks think? PS thanks to peopleintrees for the alert!!!

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