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An update from Kevin Smith from last night's NJ CLERKS Roadshow screening regarding his horror movie!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with an update straight from the luscious lips of Kevin Smith about those rumors of him doing a straight up horror movie as his next project. He confirms it here, from the Redbank Rolling Roadshow screening of CLERKS! Sounds great to me!!

Hey, Quint -

I was at the showing of Clerks in Red Bank last night from the Netflix Rolling Roadshow. The reason I'm emailing you is because of a nice chunk of info that came out of the event. I already sent this to Bloody-Disgusting, so here's an exact copy paste from what I sent them -

Kevin Smith is seriously doing a horror movie as his next project.

I went to the Clerks showing in Red Bank, NJ tonight where Kevin Smith did an hour-long Q&A before the show. One kid asked him about the horror movie rumor and he confirmed it as being true. From what I can remember, he said, "Yes, I am doing a horror movie next. It's entitled 'Jersey Girl 2.' No, I'm kidding, but yes, I am doing a horror movie next." When asked if it would be a comedy horror, "No, its going to be straight horror. I feel after 7 comedies its time to take a left turn and do a straight up different movie, in this case horror. Its gonna have all of the horror you'd expect, blood and guts...and tits. No, no, no, not that, I'm talkin about man tits. What? What's so bad about man tits? I have tits! They're sexy! And hairy...but, yeah, I'm doin a horror movie." And finally, when asked as to when, he said that it "wouldn't be for a year or two. I just got done makin a movie, I'm not rushing into another. Probably two years."

Keep in mind that that is mostly all paraphrased quotes from Kevin Smith. I was standing five feet from him as he confirmed the rumors. Another thing, though, is that he made it clear that they were going to be doing it entirely in LA, so besides this being a step away from his comedy roots, he is also stepping away from NJ. While this is will probably be a disappointment to many of his NJ fans, such as me (I live 10 miles from the Quick Stop), the movie will have nothing to do with the Askewniverse. He's keeping that for the comedies.

Call me Kyle Brylczyk if you use this. I don't give a crap about hiding my identity, lol.

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