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Paul Giamatti really pulls his geek out, showing interest in playing Philip K. Dick!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Paul Giamatti couldn't have made himself more of a champion for all geeks everywhere if he tried. I finally just saw LADY IN THE WATER yesterday and while it seemed that M. Night stopped trying about halfway through the script, Giamatti was constantly on top of everything. He has that great hero moment at the end, the slow motion turn around in the rain... the look in his eyes was so great...

So, yes. I'm a drooling fanboy for the work of Paul Giamatti and that has grown more and more every time I hear about him wanting to play Col. Parker in BUBBA NOSFERATU or hear something like this...

According to Variety, Giamatti is in negotiations to play Philip K. Dick himself in the currently Untitled Biopic that is being produced by his own production company, Touchy Feely, with the aid of Anonymous Content and the Philip K. Dick Estate's own Electric Shepherd Productions.

Toni Grisoni, one of the many writers with their names attached to FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, is penning the script which is supposed to mix elements of the author's true life and bits of his fiction.

Nothing is official on the Giamatti side of things, but since it is his production company I think things look good for his involvement, don't you?

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