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Troublemaker Studios finally release high quality images of their GRINDHOUSE teaser posters!!!

Hey Folks, Harry here... I know this isn't the online debut of these posters - but I've been holding off posting the various blurry images of the GRINDHOUSE posters waiting for sharp online images to appear. Well today over at - Robert has finally released the images. I absolutely love these posters. They have the higher resolution and sized posters there... but here are pretty damn good looks at them too.

I love how this first one of Marley Shelton looks like something out of a Lucio Fulci film.

This poster of Rose McGowan totally looks like a mean and gritty Rodriguez flick.

This last one feels like an old American International poster... technically a window card - and goddamn it - I miss the fucking Burnet Drive-In in Austin, Texas!!! It's a fucking Bowling Alley now. Sad.

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