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Bruce Campbell As A Chicken Nugget!! "Fucks!", "Shits!", And "Bleeps" Ahoy!! It's AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE: THE MOVIE!!

Merrick here...

A reader sent this in after a test screening of the AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE movie.

I'm really in no position to comment on any of this; the series freaks the crap out of me and I now feel guilty consuming fast food -- fearing some sort of latent, vengeful sentience.

Here's a report from the screening...

Hey, didn't see any reports on this yet. Lots of huge spoilers here.

Last night at the Mall of Georgia just outside of Atlanta they held what we were told was the first ever screening of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. They told us some of the music and animation were temporary, and it was lacking opening and closing credits, but otherwise it looked mostly complete.

As for the movie itself, I really enjoyed it. I was worried going in that the fast pace of the 15 minute episodes wouldn't be able to sustain itself through a 90 minute movie, but they managed to pull it off.

As reported before, the story revolves around the origin of the Aqua Teens, which somehow involves an exercise machine, Neil Pert from Rush, and a slice of talking watermelon voiced by Chris Kattan.

As a fan of the show, I got just about everything I could want out of a movie version. All of the regular characters make an appearance, with the Cybernetic Ghost and the Plutonians featured heavily, but Time Lincoln (as seen in the closing credits), the Mooninites, and MC Pee Pants all have parts as well.

Also showing up briefly is the missing 4th member of the Aqua Teens, a chicken nugget going by the name of Chicken Bittle played by none other Bruce Campbell himself.

As with most of the episodes, the ending is completely ridiculous and comes out of nowhere with the last scene finally revealing the mother of the Aqua Teens as a talking burrito with huge breasts, followed immediately by the closing credits.

The humor seemed a little bit more adult than the show, and "fuck" and "shit" were uttered a few times, but they kept it subtle.

Oddly, some of the cursing was bleeped out while other instances were left in (which I must say was more entertaining), so it's really hard to say how it will end up in the final version.

Overall, it delivered pretty much everything I could have wanted from an ATHF movie and I think fans of the show will really love it. They didn't tell us when it would finally be released, but with everything looking as good as it did, hopefully the wait won't be too much longer.


Thanks for the write-up!

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