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The International One Sheet For THE WICKER MAN Shows More Cage Than Creepiness!!

Merrick here...

Benny From The Bronx sent us this international one sheet for THE WICKER MAN.

Interesting that the image is pushing Jor El...errr....Cage, and not relying on some of the creepy images they could have gone with. Well, I guess there's that freaky face in the clouds.

Strange that they put the film's "FACE YOUR FEARS" tag line so close to the lead's name, instead of, say, nearer the title. NICOLAS CAGE...FACE YOUR FEARS. Maybe there's a little known subset of the global populous suffering from Cageophobia.

In case you haven't come across it yet, you can access the film's trailer HERE.

Quint recently spoke with director Neil LaBute, a conversation which you can peruse HERE.

BIG THANKS to Benny for sending this along; we appreciate it. THE WICKER MAN hits on September 1.

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