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Lasch saw all the panels on SOUTHLAND TALES and VERONICA MARS at SDCC!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. This Comic-Con was massive. I heard tell that the attendence was over 150,000 people this year, almost 50,000 more than last year. I've been covering the Con for 7 years now and this is the first year I felt overwhelmed. There were so many panels going on, I missed quite a few. Thankfully many of our spies out there didn't. I'm posting up a few reports from the Con this morning that cover panels I couldn't attend. The first one up has a write-up on Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES panel and the VERONICA MARS panel for you viewers out there. Enjoy!!!

Southland Tales Panel

RIchard Kelly, his producer and some of the bit players were there (They were all or mostly in the Groundlings). They showed a clip, which was a 3-4 minute long musical segment with Justin Timberlake @ the Santa Monica pier Arcade(I think.) It's a musical number set to a "Killers" track. It's from the character's (who's a war vet) fantasy world. He said Justin's really good in the film. I hate nysnc, and their videos quite a bit. With that said, I thought the clip was awfully cool. THere are chicks in maryln monroe wigs, and it gets frisky.

The panel was rather lively. SO much so that you wouldn't think cannes never happened. Anyway, they are still working on the film, and Kelly did not get specific about the release date. Apparently the release date will depend upon the finished film.

Much emphasis was made with regard to the humor of the film. The groundling females play porn stars in the film, along with Buffy. The movie's got a message (About which he endeavored to articulate, but its involved.), and tries to bring it across through humor.

Also, Kelly said his next film will be "The BOX," which is set in 1976. That will be his third consecutive film set in an election year(DD-1988 ST-2008)

So far, between the footage I'ver seen at comic con and elsewhere and plot details I've heard, this movie is starting to reming me of the Wim Wenders film "Unti the End of the World," except the only thing funny about that film was the lead actresse's performance (The ten people who saw the film know what I'm talking about).

One last note. I finally figured out who RIchard Kelly resembles. He looks like a skinny Nick Lachey. Serious. I's wierd.

THere was a question about a possible DD graphic novel. He said there's no plan at this time, b/c he needs to move on. Frankly, I can't blame him.

Veronica Mars

Rob thomas and the cast were there. Season 3 will have Mini Arcs (A la "Murder One" season 2). The audience of apparenbtly rabid fans groaned a bit. The first will be nine episodes, starting October 3, and will run straight through. So season 3 mystery will be solved in time for the end of Sweeps(November 28).

Rob Thomas was somewhat vague on two points. The first was the episode order(13 vs 22). THat's understadable b/c it will be based on future ratings. The second one relates to that: THe ratings expectations. HE said if they match or exceed Gilmore'/s ratings, that's great(DUH!), but that if there is a big drop it would be bad. Okay. THere are drops and then there are DROPS. I don't think anyone seriously believes that the show will retain all more more of the GIlmore ratings, so I'ld be iterested in what a realistic acceptable audience retention rate would be(i.e. 70%, 80%, 90% etc..)


This was a short film at the independent film festival, directed by Jenn Kao. It was like Cube with Lesbians in a postapocalyptic setting. It was really neat. She's one to look out for. She said she's working on Zombie movie script. She is smart and came across as a real go getter, so she has to be going places.

Overall, a good comic con. With regards to the exhibition, I would say that there was somewhat more space devoted to comics compared to last year. Last year it was about a third. THis year was approximately 40%.

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