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LOST panel from Comic-Con! What secrets were revealed?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here! I was overwhelmed today and couldn't make the LOST panel. Thankfully Quadruple Tree did. If you guys see any TV or comic book related panels at Comic-Con, feel free to email us as I'm locked into almost nothing but film panels this trip. Anyway, I'm gonna read this sucker my ownself! Enjoy!

Hey Quint,

As promised here's my report of the Lost Panel:

Ahh Comic-con. The geeks, the scantily clad babes, the huddled, sweaty masses yearning to see Bruce Campbell... This year at Comic-con I decided to broaden my horizons by not planting my butt in a chair first thing in the morning to see the "main" show and instead went to some of the "smaller" panels, which ironically are now held in the room that the main show used to be in. And the reason for that was my love for a little show called LOST. Needless to say the Lost panel was the highlight of my Saturday.

The panel started with a moderator lady who came out to pimp Verizon wireless who are sponsoring Hurley's video diaries. The concept behind these "Mobisodes" is that Hurley finds a video camera in the jungle that still has juice in it. So he decides to document the lost-a-ways Blair Witch Project style, in case they don't make it and someone finds the camera they could know what happened to them. We were treated to part of the first episode which dealt with Hurley finding the camera and then a funny exchange with him taping Sawyer and Kate and Sawyer getting annoyed and wrestling the camera away. Damon Lindelof explained later on that part of the concept with these is to have some kind of new content coming out during the break between the two "pods" of scheduling during the season. There will be 13 episodes total and you don't need a phone to see them. They will be released on the web one week after they are released on cell phones.

We then watched two segments of behind-the-scenes material that will be on the upcoming season 2 DVD. The first dealt with Hurley's fight with Sawyer where he tackles him into the tent. The second was about Jin's character.

They then brought out the panel comprised of Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and another producer whose name I missed and the panel was opened up for audience questions. Given the nature of the show, and the fact that they obviously can't reveal all of what's happening it was hard to tell when/if the panelist where messing with us and when they were being serious. So take the following with a grain of salt.

LOST Panel Revelations:

Lost was intended to be a 4-5 season arch ending with a feature length movie. Damon Lindelof said that they are still planning on sticking to that plan but it's hard because the show is a hit now. But they don't want the show to end up like the X-files. They don't want to finish that main story line in season five and then have to "tap dance" for two seasons because the network doesn't want the show to end. He mentioned that when that time comes they may have to consider walking from the show.

Time may not be passing on the island at the same rate as off the island. The question was asked about the amount of time that has passed on the island in the first two seasons at which point Damon interrupted and said that's assuming that time is passing on the island at the same rate that it is in the outside world. That produced audible gasps from the audience and the two actors on stage had shocked looks on their faces. Damon continued to talk about the concept of the passage of time at which point Carlton Cuse interrupted him asking if he wanted to reveal that much so Damon just left it at that. At one point a "protester" crashed the presentation and confronted the producers asking if they had no shame. She said her name was Rachel Blake and that the Hanso foundation was real and that the producers were using them for entertainment purposes even though they had done terrible things in Africa and Iceland. She said to go to if we wanted the real truth just before security escorted her away.

There are no clones on Lost. Damon Lindelof gave his personal promise and guarantee that there are no clones in the show. Nothing personal against clones, they're people just like us (literally) but there are no clones on Lost.

There are no nanobots on Lost. If you were there and were wondering who the lone guy was clapping at that revelation, it was me. That's right, straight from the horses mouth NO NANOBOTS.

There will be an extra on the DVD of every nick name sawyer has used cut together into one clip which I personally can't wait to see!

Vincent flashback? When asked why Vincent the dog didn't leave the island with Walt and Michael, Damon said if he had they wouldn't be able to do the Vincent flashback episode!

Libby will be back in flashbacks! Damon and Cuse said Libby's back story was significant and still needed to be told since she didn't have a flashback episode. So she will be back in flashbacks much like Jack's dad has been through out the show even though he's dead.

The literal translation of the hieroglyphics according to Damon Lindelof is "Underworld"

The statue shown in season finale wasn't just put there because it looks cool. The history of the island will become important and it is older than we were originally led to believe.

The six episode mini-series that opens the season will reveal more about the others. The first episode will be titled "A Tale of two Cities" and be penned partly by J.J. Abrams. Abrams will also direct episode 7, the first one back from the break. The new scheduling format is a direct result of fans complaining about all the repeats this last season.

There will be a major revelation midway through the season that Lindelof said will either blow you away or make you say the show has jumped the shark.

If you use this call me by my talkback handle: Quadruple Tree

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