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Eick!! NowPlaying Has GALACTICA 3.X Spoilage!!

I am – Hercules!!

* Just as the second season finale jumped ahead in time, the third season premiere will jump ahead more. The humans dwell – some would say suffer - under the Cylons for a long period, but largely offscreen.

* Expect fewer stand-alone episodes.

* 3.4 is a stand-alone episode.

* We’ll meet a human POW who’s been on a basestar for four years. And the reason he’s been a Cylon prisoner is because Bill Adama brought him down.

* Bill Adama and Sol Tigh will be at odds during the start of season three, then reconcile.

* A basestar will become ravaged by a plague upon the Cylons.

* 3.9 sets up 3.20, the season finale. Both involve the path to Earth.

* Dean Stockwell and Richard Hatch will continue to lurk about.

* Zarak will be returned to stir. At least at first.

* The “Caprica” prequel pilot is still being written.

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Bill Adama Strikes Back!! Battlestar Galactica: 2.11-2.20!!

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