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They're coming Right At Ya, Barbara! NOTLD 3-D hitting 1500 screens in November!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Today is horror day here on AICN, with tons of horror news breaking. With all the reviews of MONSTER HOUSE I was just thinking about the last time the 3-D bug hit cinemas, back in the '80s when we got tons of 3-D sequels. FRIDAY THE 13TH 3-D, JAWS 3-D, AMITYVILLE 3-D, etc. Of course there were tons of other '80s 3-D movies, like SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE, TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS, COMIN' AT YA, etc, but in my mind the horror work was the best. JAWS 3 was horrible, but the 3-D was great. FRIDAY THE 13TH 3-D was a great entry in the series and also had some of the best 3-D I've seen in a theater.

Now the long gestating NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD remake shot in 3-D has finally crawled out of the grave. It stars a bunch of people I haven't heard of and the great Sid Haig. A new distribution company called Midnight Movies Entertainment has said they have 1500 screens (I'm assuming the 3-D will be D Cinema 3-D) in November. Why not October? I guess nothing says 3-D zombies like Thanksgiving turkey...

Now let's just hope either the 3-D is badass or the movie is. Maybe there will even be a slim chance we can get both a good horror movie and some badass 3-D. One can only hope!

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