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UPDATED! Henry Jones Jr. has a daughter? Marion Ravenwood seems to think so...

Hey folks. Quint here again. I've gotten tons of emails about this story, most saying it's just a rehash of the same old rumor that's been floating around. I know the rumor of Portman in the sequel was an old one, but I also knew the rumor of Venom being a villain in Spider-Man 3 was an old one when Kirsten Dunst let it slip, so I figured it was worth a little space on the site.

One of the emails I got, though, was from another person in the audience who claims that a vital bit of information was missing from the report we got, that Karen Allen said she got this piece of information from an audience member at a previous appearance she made, not some inside knowledge of the property. Oh well, same old story, but at least it's cool to hear Karen Allen is out there watching the movie with us... Now, if she'd only come to the Alamo and run a triple feature of RAIDERS, ANIMAL HOUSE and SCROOGED I would be a happy geek!


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with another juicy rumor involving that forever in the works INDIANA JONES 4. As long as the film has been whispered about there have been rumors of Indy having a child. Karen Allen recently attended a screening of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK in New York (how frickin' cool is that?) and during the Q&A she was asked about the Indiana Jones sequel. Here's a little report from a spy in the audience:

Hey there, not sure if this is something you've already heard, but figured i'd send it your way anyhow. Saw Karen Allen tonight in NYC at a screening of Raiders. She did a Q&A after and was super cool. She's also still pretty hot. Someone asked about her involvement in INDY IV and she said she'd heard a lot of rumors but had not been approached directly yet. But she also said she just heard last night that Natalie Portman might be cast as INDY'S Daughter. Which lead her to speculate about a scene in Raiders when she awakens in the submarine and casually grabs her nightgown. Karen said that now she sees that scene and wonders if she and Indy had a "wild night" on the sub which might have resulted in a new member of the Jones family. Anyways hope you find this useful. If you use it please call me President George Bush.

Thinking on it, Natalie Portman looks like she could be the spawn of Karen Allen and Harrison Ford. She has Allen's locks and a bit of her face shape. This is, of course, a rumor and will continue to be one until this project actually starts to for real go forward. I, for one, would love to see Indy end up with Marion. She was always his best partner, balancing his stubbornness with her quick wit and sharp tongue. If the movie does get made I'd want to see them together again. What about you folks?

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