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Vince Chase Learns Who Replaces James Cameron On AQUAMAN 2!!

I am – Hercules!!

“Entourage” didn’t get an Emmy nomination Thursday. Stupid Emmys! Here’s a snippet of dialog from tonight’s episode, just one reason the HBO comedy has slightly bigger balls than the admittedly superedgy “Two and a Half Men”:

VINCE: Cameron’s the only reason I signed on in the first place. Who’s directing [“Aquaman 2”]?
ARI: Michael Bay.
ERIC: Jesus Christ.
VINCE: They’re just rushing this thing out!
ARI: Vinnie, this is what studios do; the thing is a monster hit. They’re just trying to take advantage of it, that’s all.
VINCE: I haven’t even seen a script.
ARI: They’re working on it!
VINCE: Andrew Kevin Walker writing?
ARI: Kevin Smith.
ERIC: Oh boy.
VINCE: Fuck you, Ari! I want off this movie!

So are Michael Bay and Kevin Smith joining the cast now? Stay tuned, bitches!

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