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RENAISSANCE... it's like SIN CITY - without the grey tones. Take a look, this looks Amazing!

Hey folks, Harry here... Wanna see something super fucking cool looking? Check out this:

This Isn't Any RENAISSANCE That I've Ever Seen Before!!!

If that didn't work, try this one!

or this one

or this one in French

Ok - A quick trip to IMDB edumacates me to the fact that the Weinstein-less MIRAMAX has picked this French Animated-ish film up, and that it is having American dub voices by Daniel Craig, Jonathan Pryce, Ian Holm, Catherine McCormack - amongst others. It's the first feature from Christian Volckman. Over a decade ago, Volckman was the incredibly promising director of a short film called MAAZ that absolutely was stunning as hell. Winning over 30 festival prizes world wide. This, again, is his first feature. Check out this interview that did with Christian to get a gauge on who we're dealing with here. It has a limited release on September 22nd. Hope I get to see it!

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