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Bana No Longer "Incredible" HULK!! No Vin For SILVER SURFER!!

Merrick here...

Tim Story, director of FANTASTIC FOUR (who is returning for the franchise's second installment...identified in recent licensing show material as FANTASTIC FOUR AND THE SILVER SURFER) has denied recurring Internet rumors that Vin Diesel will portray Silver Surfer in the new movie. These rumors were exaserbated by Diesel's recent, unexplained departure from BLACK WATER TRANSIT.

Speaking with Moviehole, Story implies that Silver Surfer will be realized using newly-developed CGI techniques.

This will, I'm sure, look great. The FX in the first film were so staggeringly perfect (sarcasm), I'm sure this CGI Surfer won't have any resemblance to an arthritc, animatronic, foil-covered mannequin (which would be the same thing as using Vin, no? And the FX are probably more costly...)

You can read the original article HERE!


Check it out (above)...

I managed to use the "anibar" space breaker from Old School AICN!!!

Cinescape is reporting that Eric Bana will not return for the new HULK film project. This was widely conjectured after Avi Arad's announcement that the called THE INCREDIBLE HULK...would be a remake rather an a continuation. Although...the story claims the film's exodus from Universal (with whom Bana had his contract) is to blame for the recasting.

The article indicates that Brendan Fraser is one of the names being bandied about to replace Bana. Ther are about ten million things wrong with this notion...and I could write about them all day...but it's the 4th of July and I don't want to be too depressed.

You can read the original Cinescape article HERE.

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