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UPDATED!!! AICN's Premiere of MONSTER HOUSE in Digital 3D!!! In Chicago, L.A., Minneapolis, New York & Austin!!!

UPDATES throughout the Article in Red!

Hey folks, Harry here... I have to say, it's nice to see the original ID4 background on the site. It was removed in the wake of September 11th, 2001... as it was felt that image wasn't exactly what any of us were feeling at the time. But I like it - and I might very well keep it again. Afterall, the day AICN went live, was as part of a geek fervor for that flick. It's nice to keep history around.

Anyway - that's not what this article is about. Instead - it's about how you can celebrate with AICN in this 10th Anniversary. How can we celebrate? By getting together for a fantastic movie, how else? A movie in Digital 3D!!! A film by a first time filmmaker that feels absolutely classic from the get go!!! A film produced by geek gods like Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis!!! And that feels like their classic works from the 80s! That's right, I'm talking about MONSTER HOUSE!!!

We're doing a screening in Los Angeles with Moriarty at MANN'S CHINESE on July 10th at 10pm! To get into this screening - simply email Moriarty at with your Name and your guests' names. It's that simple. No hoops. Then watch for Moriarty's posting regarding whether or not you've gotten in. And your hopeful email confirmation from Mori. So Email Now! Basically this screening is full. Moriarty is taking "spill-over" submissions only - for the waiting list at the door - to fill empty seats by no-shows. So to get on that list - Email him now. Otherwise - Mori is assembling the L.A. Screening list now to be published soon.

We're doing a screening in CHICAGO with Capone at Crown Village Crossing 18 in Skokie on July 10th @ 10pm. Yes, we know it's a hike, but it's the theater that can show the Digital 3D experience for y'all! To get in, you email Capone at with your Name and those of your guests. Then watch for Capone's posting about those who got in that will go up, and also your hopeful email confirmation. So hop on it! Only 100 tickets Remain! Act Now!!!

We're doing a screening in Minneapolis with my pals at CONvergence. Why? Well 3 times now they've had me up there as a Guest of Honor at their convention and it's always been a blast. Those squareheads are a blast to hang out with. Except Tim Wick, he's like rubbing alcohol on the balls. And not in the good way. Anyways - I put it in Tim's warm firm hands and here's the email he sent:

Showing will be at 10:00 PM at the Coon Rapids Showplace.

Starting at 8:00 PM, a representative of the CONvention will be in front of the theatre handing out tickets to anyone who has a CONvergence membership badge. If they want to know more about CONvergence, they can visit our website at

At five minutes to 10:00, we will fill any empty seats with stand by people so if you don't have a CONvergence badge but you really want to go, you can take a chance and show up anyway. Sony will have some tickets available for a preview showing the following week and we'll make those available to anyone who is unable to get into the showing on the 10th.

That is all the details I have for now.

This isn't yet confirmed, but we have a CGI artist who worked on "Monster House" attending the con. He hasn't yet seen the completed film and will be going to the screening. He will probably be willing to do a brief Q & A after the showing.

So that's the Minneapolis screening!!!

The New York Screening - sadly - I don't have someone covering New York for AICN right now, but I love the city so much I had to do a screening there. The screening will be at the AMC 84th Street Six in New York on July 10th at 10pm. Watch this spot for where to email and attend. I'm working through the last details right now on it. Email your Full Name and number of guests to: Lisa Mazzella at Sony. Use the Subject line, "AICN's MONSTER HOUSE Screening!!!"

Lastly - The AUSTIN Screening. We're in the final steps of finalizing exactly how this screening will take place. However, it will be done with the Alamo Drafthouse and Tim League. It will take place on July 10th, though the time has not been locked down yet. However - to get in - Email me at this address with the Subject line - "10th Anniversary AICN - MONSTER HOUSE 3-D Screening" and your name and how many guests - and I'll make a list for those that will attend. Again - Watch this space for further details!!! This Screening is Full!!! The List will be published shortly. It will take place at ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE SOUTH - Theater 1 at 10pm on Monday the 10th of July!

We'll be doing other events through out the year - as we do every year, but let me tell you - this is a really special film. One you do not want to miss. And seeing it in 3D is phenomenal. Hope to see ya there - and check back for further details!!!

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