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Sony's perking their ears up and getting ready to hear some of Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Despite the Pigpen dirt cloud that was SOUTHLAND TALES' Cannes screening, SOUTHLAND TALES remains one of my most anticipated flicks of the year. I spent a day on the set, read the script and have seen some sequences edited together and I refuse to believe Kelly fumbled this one. That would depress me so much.

I just hope that Cannes was the SOUTHLAND TALES version of DONNIE DARKO's Sundance experience, where the audience doesn't get it and Kelly recuts and comes up with a movie that works perfectly. It looks like that's what Sony hopes, too, as they just picked up domestic distribution rights and are waiting on Kelly's next cut to "figure out the distribution plan." However, Ben Feingold of Sony Home Entertainment says it will definitely get a theatrical release. Pressure's on Rich Kelly, then, to make this cut work so the film gets the widest release possible. Fingers are crossed.

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