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UPDATED!!! Wolvie going into a berserker rage next year? Maybe not...

Hey fellas! Quint here again. Got an email from Hollywood Reporter wanting to clarify their original story. Apparently some wires got crossed and an earlier, incorrect version of the report went up saying that Fox was gunning for a 2007 release on the Wolvie movie when in fact that emphasis wasn't in place at Cine Expo. It's certainly in the works, but the rush for a 2007 release date might not be set in stone. Whew... that's just good news for us fans as it gives the production team time to refine a quality script. At least, that's the hope, yeah?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Us Hugh Jackman and Wolverine fans can cross our claws because it looks like 20th Century Fox is determined to have that long-talked about WOLVERINE spin-off movie out in cinemas next year, or so they say at Cine Expo.

I'm quite eager to see a Jackman starring WOLVERINE flick and the sooner the better, of course. I just hope they don't rush in and half-ass it. So, what'll it be? Wolvie's origins are a bit played out and I'd frankly like to see them resolved in the X-MEN line. How about his samurai days? Or his War days. That'd be pretty nifty. What do you think?

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