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Ron Howard eye-ballin' Straczynski's THE CHANGELING (no relation to creepy George C. Scott movie)!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I had a scare when I saw this news that Ron Howard was directing THE CHANGELING. The George C. Scott haunted old-ass wheelchair movie rocks and would not benefit from having a fast paced update. It looks like this flick Howard is looking to do shares nothing but a name to that film, thank goodness. Geek idol J. Michael Straczynski came up with the story of a mother of a kidnapped child who prays for his safe return. He does return, but may not be the same kid.

Of course Howard has tons of flicks up in the air and with the ginormous success of THE DA VINCI CODE, I doubt he'll follow it up with a small character thriller like this. He also has that Iraq war movie and whatever else Dan Brown has made that's waiting in front of this flick. We'll see...

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