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BEHOLD (Well, Not Any More...) An Autobot...Michael Bay Style!!

Merrick again...

Warren Lasky just sent this in.

I don’t think this is out & about on The Net yet. If it is, I couldn’t find it & apologies in advance.

It’s a partial look at Bumblebee…Michael Bay style…from the forthcoming movie.

This is NOT a full body shot, but it’s clear enough to get a sense of the aesthtic and approach this new iteration of Transformers will sport.

Personally, I think it’s pretty groovy…although purists may take issue with this (apparently) sportier design.

Image Removed At Studio's Request.

BY THE WAY: This image file is a bit large…I didn’t reduce it because I thought you folks would want to see as much detail as possible. ENJOY!

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