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OSWALD the Lucky Rabbit returns to the world of Disney - Check out the New Design! Plus other Licensing show news...

Hey folks, Harry here. Are you not familiar with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit? You will. John Lassiter apparently has plans for Oswald... Animated shorts... an Animated Feature possibly... we'll have to wait and see. Fact is - Oswald was a helluva fun character back in the days of the silents. And I sure do like the design they have for him. First - here's Classic Oswald...

Now - here's new Oswald...


straight from the Licensing Show in New York CIty last week. I am not sure if anyone has posted pics of the remix of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit yet.

if you recall, Disney shipped off Al Michaels to Universal last year, for the rights to this character, one of the first created by Walt himself.

these pics are of a vinyl toy which is to be released later on this year. but as you can see, this is clearly a new version of the classic character!

with an incredible design, and standing 8 inches tall, even though the toy lacks articulation, this character packs a heck of a lot energy in this remix.

i for one cannot wait to see what john lassiter has in store for this kick ass character.


Hasbro told us, that they had the TRANSFORMERS teaser behind closed door. we tried to smooth talk our way in, but the girl could not be convinced. she did let slip a few things. the teaser looks great, but optimus prime is a new design as well.

we saw some animatics of the transformers from afar. very rough animations, i assumed from the film, because i have never seen these characters on the show. no optimus, but bumblebee cruising around and leaping in mid-air to transform, and his driver, FLIPPING out of the transformer to land on the ground, all anime ninja style. they showed some planes transforming in mid air as well.

we saw the HIGHLANDER ANIME TRAILER as well. this looks great! it is definitely higher budgeted anime than most. they showed conner taking on about 40 death squad like gunners. the gunners all had the RED LASER SITES on conner. it looked like conner was done for sure, but conner leaps into the air, swinging the sword to avoid the gun blasts. then it ended.

supposedly some guy at MGM who worked there saw the new ROCKY. who knows if this is true or sales bullshit. he said he never saw any rockys yet. but he said he liked this film a lot. he told us it was a rough cut. he was one of the MGM show guys, just there to hand out flyers and usher in appointments. but this guy was completely enthused about the film. i hate spoilers, so i avoided asking him important questions. i am not reporting this to talk about the review, but only to report about the possible rough cut of rocky 6 being ready and shown.

all the cool trailers were locked up. unless you can bullshit your way in, you aint seeing them.

anyways, there is some info from the licensing show in new york last week. if i recall anything else, i will email more.


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