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Darwyn Cooke's DC: THE NEW FRONTIER A Made-For-DVD Toon??

I am – Hercules!!

How much of Darwyn Cook’s beautiful and exciting homage to the Silver Age can Bruce Timm hope to cram into an 88-minute cartoon?

I imagine if they’re going really going to turn DC: The New Frontier into a made-for-DVD animated movie, we’re going to hear about it at San Diego Comic Con in about a month. Until then, chew on this:


Longtime fan, first time contributor (to you anyway I gave Harry a tip a few years back about a Guy Ritchie war movie that didnt pan out but lets not dwell on that... )

Stan Berkowitz and Bruce Timm are working on an Direct to video asaptation of the super-hero epic "DC: The New Frontier"!

Im a Wikipedia editor, and one of the pages I created was for Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier comic book miniseries ( ). In the last few days someone some info from a Worlds Finest (the website) interview in which Stan Berkowitz (one of the producers of the JLA cartoon) in which Berkowitz revealed he was working on an direct to video adaptation of New Frontier with Bruce Timm producing.

If you look at the New Frontier wiki article the info has been removed by another editor because it is now an unsourced claim as the Berkowitz interview has been amended to remove the revelation, presumabaly at Warner Animation's behest (though its still there in the history of the article if you know how to check).

Also further corroboration comes from the official DC animation forum page where the admins have posted the message "As many of you have undoubtedly read, a new DTV was announced yesterday in an interview on WF. Information was prematurely released; in the coming months I'm sure we'll get an official announcement. As such, posts referencing this film have been removed. We're sorry for the inconvenience and respectfully request that all news of the DTV be kept to yourselves for the time being. I've no doubt half the internet knows about the DTV at this point, but that is moot. Thank you for your cooperation."

As youll learn if you read the wiki article the comic was done in an Timmverse animated style, it won loads of awards and featured the whole extended DC pantheon (though it did focus on Green Lantern Hal Jordan the most). It will be interesting to see what elements they keep and lose, especially given the focus on Jordan and the period setting.

If you use the tip call me "Rick Flag" (my previous aicn pseudonym was Matt Regan, but thats now been claimed by someone else!)

Sorry for wasting your time with this if you have already got the tip. Keep up the great work!!

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