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What Did Rhythm & Hues Do To Marlon Brando To Make Him Speak In SUPERMAN RETURNS? Behold!

Hey folks, Harry here with a special exclusive AICN geek treat. Wanna see what Rhythm & Hues did to make Brando talk. It's actually odd - because - you'd think... all they would need to do is just take that old footage and do something relatively simple... but oh no... wait till you see this creepy ass, cool exclusive video. It's funny - I actually have the life mask of Brando from SUPERMAN in my Kitchen - in my "obese hall of fame" (Tor Johnson, Charles Laughton and Alfred Hitchcock) Seems they could have mapped that life mask of Brando... but nope... watch the process - it is hypnotic... Here ya go...

quicktime 7 - 640x480 Download the Quicktime here!!!

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