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Rest In Peace Tim Hildebrandt

Hey folks. Quint here. If you are a geek, the Brothers Hildebrandt have influenced your life. Before Alan Lee and John Howe, Tim and Greg Hildebrandt were the go-to guys for Tolkien artwork. Their fantasy work was very childlike and innocent, which fit with many of Tolkien's themes. If you didn't grow up a Tolkien geek, then perhaps you know their comic book work. I collected the Marvel Masterpiece card set by Joe Jusko when I was young and eagerly picked up the second line of Masterpiece cards, with all the art done by The Hildebrandt Bros. I personally preferred Jusko's realistic style, but I'd be lying if I didn't collect every single one of the more fantasy inspired art cards.

If you don't know them from their Marvel work, then I guarantee you'll know them for their STAR WARS work, having designed one of the many posters for STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE.

Tim Hildebrandt died Sunday of complications due to diabetes at the age of 67. The Bros' official site is here, if you wish to look over their art. I've found some of my favorite pieces they've done and will post them below. Tim's eye for colors and design will be missed.

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