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UPDATED: Danny Elfman Removes His Credit From NACHO LIBRE!?!?

UPDATED 06/14/06 10:15 AM CST USA

Merrick here…


The Great NACHO LIBRE Score Drama of 2006 seems to have been, at long last, clarified and settled. This via a message from Danny Elfman’s Agent, which is sited below.

A big thanks to everyone who has written in about this over the past few days, and to Richard Kraft fort clearing things up!

Here’s ScoreKeeper with the details…

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here with what I believe could be the final word on the whole NACHO LIBRE scoring fiasco.

Danny’s agent, Richard Kraft, has responded with the following statement:

"Danny Elfman has not removed his name from Nacho Libre. He elected not to take a "Music by" credit. Danny Elfman was brought in to do a replacement score for the film. The final mix of the movie includes about 2/3rds of the score Elfman composed with the other third comprised of music retained from the first score (composed by Beck) as well as other music. For this reason, Elfman chose not to take a "Music by" credit on the film or advertisements. Instead, he decided to take credit for the cues he composed in the End Titles to properly identify his contributions to the final film."

This seems to me to be a very admirable thing on Elfman’s part. Situations like this arise all the time in the film music industry and for many different reasons you’ll often just see a “Music by” credit and that’s that. It doesn’t always reflect the true contributions of those involved.

The end credits of NACHO LIBRE seem to reflect the most accurate acknowledgment of those who participated in the scoring of a film that I’ve seen. This could set a precedent for future films who encounter similar situations. If not, it is highly conceivable that such confusion could easily arise again.


Merrick here…

Over the last few days, we’ve been hearing some rather odd (and extremely confusing) stories regarding the scoring (and related crediting) of Paramount’s forthcoming NACHO LIBRE. Now, the extent of the situation is becoming apparent…

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to write-in about the information discussed below.

Here’s ScoreKeeper!


ScoreKeeper here with some rather intriguing developments regarding the scoring of NACHO LIBRE.

According to Steve Bartek (Elfman’s orchestrator for the last 20 years), Danny has removed his name from the credits of the film.

Steve posted a note in the forum section of his web site regarding this recent development.

Here is the aforementioned quote:

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 9:22 am
Post subject: Nacho Libre disclaimer
a warning to all - Danny has taken his name off of Nacho Libre -
apparently a couple of the main cues we spent lots of time on we
taken out and replaced with music Danny didn't want to be associated with (and I believe he was upset about the way the studio treated him
in doing the replacement - not very above board- so most of the score
is still Danny - but his name will not be there

Looks like another film scoring soap opera to weed through. We’ll keep a close eye on this and see where it ends up.

Thanks for the update, ScoreKeeper.

Please feel free to check this article again; we hope to be “UPDATING” it quite soon.

NACHO LIBRE hits theaters June 16 – with a score that’s a lot of fun, regardless of such drama.

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