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Arad Implies The New HULK Movie Is Not A Sequel But...A Redux!?!?

Merrick SMASH!

iFMagazine has an exclusive interview with Avi Arad about upcoming Marvel comic based films.

In the piece, Arad seems to imply that the long-gestating HULK sequel will be more of a remake than a continuation…

ARAD: (edit) …a lot of people are looking forward to the comic book version of the HULK. That’s the one we are making, and I think it will be incredibly satisfying. It will be big and awesome and a big ride.

iF: So will you be recasting HULK with completely new actors?

ARAD: It’s a “do-over”. I loved the HULK movie, it was just a different approach, and it wasn’t exactly the comic. We want to be much closer to the comic. It’s what we would rather do.

This could be taken two ways.

Perhaps they’re simply adjusting/re-considering Ang Lee’s approach to the first film – without necessarily negating its spin on Hulk's "origin story"? But, Arad appears to be saying that the follow-up is a remake – an odd choice that doesn’t seem entirely necessary in my mind. I’d rather see a HULK continuance that is “truer” in essence and vibe to its source material, than to watch yet another re-hashed origin story.

You can read the entire article HERE!

'Twill be interesting to see how this shakes out. This smells like the kind of article that will end-up being “UPDATED”, so feel free to check back in a bit…

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