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AvP 2 Director(s) Chosen!!

Merrick here…

Brothers Greg and Colin Strause have signed to direct AvP 2. This according to several sources, as well as the duo’s official website (linked below).

The Brothers Strause have directed numerous music videos and commercials. Their visual effects house (Hydraulx) provided work for TERMINATOR 3, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, FANTASTIC FOUR, POSEIDON, and X-MEN: THE LAST STAND (among other credits), and would presumably do the same here.

You can find a list of Greg and Colin’s impressive credits HERE.

’Twill be interesting to see where the Brothers take this film. It’s tempting to say that nearly anyone would be an improvement over Paul W.S. Anderson, given his tragically illogical and abrasively discontinuitous handling of the first film – but I won’t say that. Oh, sure I will.

These guys are an odd choice, to be sure, but they make sense in many ways. Remember, David Fincher came to Alien 3 with a very similar set of credentials; I’m not sure if I point this out as a justification, or cautionary tale.

None the less, even the brightest, most talented directors will fall hard with out a sold script to work with – a commodity that seems to be in short supply these days…at Fox, in particular.

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