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BATTLE ROYALE American Remake Set Up...

Hey folks, Harry here... Here's a project that could either be utterly fantastic or a steaming pile of shit. I know some of the folks involved in this film. Allegedly it's going to be an extremely Hard R - serious-minded Americanization of BATTLE ROYALE. Personally... in an ideal world... they'd hire Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner to adapt the script and Paul Verhoeven to direct. And they'd just turn them totally loose. Either that... or hire Larry Clark loose on this material and just set the world aflame. The scary part of this project is the tragically hip producer, Neal Moritz is producing... And that pretty much means any chance of this being an extremely hard-nosed brutal american telling of this Japanese classic... well is just about as sure as pissing a straight line outside during a hurricane. Not very likely. Let's hope for the best. At this point, there's no screenwriters and no director. It's just been reported that Neal Moritz and Roy Lee are producing at NEW LINE CINEMAS a remake of BATTLE ROYALE. Let us pray for the best!

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