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Updated: Why The Trailer Is Available At Odd Times!!! TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING Trailer hits online!

Hey folks - Harry here... the 10pm to 4am thing isn't "a stupid marketing ploy." Actually - it's all New Line can do. You see, the MPAA rated this trailer GREEN BAND - which means it can be shown in front of all films. Well... that's true, except because the MPAA feels that maybe this trailer is too intense - that they issued special instructions to New Line telling them that they could only show this trailer before R-rated films (even though the green band means it can play in front of all films) and that it could not play on the internet... at all. Apparently - New Line went back to them asking that they please be allowed to play this trailer online - and they reached an agreement that it play only from 10pm to 4am. Cuz kids don't stay up late during Summer Nights. Apparently - the MPAA realized that this green band trailer was actually for an R-rated film. So they've decided to further penalize a film that falls within their own rating system and then hit them with a narrow margin of accessibility to their audience of ADULTS and kids that their parents can choose whether or not to take their kids to see this film... SO - is this the first step to the MPAA banning R-rated material... which of course they're not doing, they're "merely and advisory board." but this is a babystep in the direction of making R-rated films unable to compete fairly in the marketplace and forcing studios to make financially sound decisions to castrate films that were designed, conceived, but unable to reach a majority of adults' eyes. I don't know about you, but frankly this pisses me off something fierce. A policy like this can only lead to self-censorship and the neutering of cinema.

Hey folks, Harry here... Ok - you'll really have to pay attention if you want to see this trailer right now. IF - if you have the latest iTunes - go to the Movie Trailer area of the iTunes store... go down to the genre selection for trailers and select HORROR. And right there at the top of the display is THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING trailer... Now - if you haven't got iTUNES - then go to This Page at Apple's Trailer Site, but do take note. Apparently - for some weird as hell reason - the trailer can only be viewed there between 10pm and 4am.... though it doesn't specify time zone. So that is probably going to be a fount of aggravation.

Is the trailer worth a look? Absolutely. It's a damn creepy trailer. Look forward to checking this one out. Sorry to say though... you don't get to see me getting my head sawed off. I know... it's been a dream of yours for a long time. Maybe the next film.

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