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First Trailer for Luc Besson's ARTHUR AND THE MINIMOYS!

Hey folks, Harry here... Scheduled for a Christmas release from the Weinstein Company... Luc Besson's ARTHUR AND THE MINIMOYS is extremely high on my "gotta see" list. For one... it's a Luc Besson film, which is reason enough to be excited. Next - It looks absolutely beautiful. The trailer is lush and gorgeous - with a beautiful European look to the character designs that just really really impresses me. Sadly - I can't seem to get this trailer in .wmv format to download. If anyone has a direct link, so I can just download it to play off my hard drive, let me know - or just post in talk back. Either way. This is the French trailer - so it is all in French, I imagine this trailer will be all over the French release of CARS. Here ya go....

Hi guys.

Yahoo France is the first website in the world to propose the teaser of Arthur and the minimoys, the new Luc Besson movie.


It's in French but it gives a good idea at what the movie will look like



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