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Gwen Stacy & Spider-Man dangling from a Manhattan Line! Bugle Pics... kinda...

Hey folks, Harry here... Don't ya love it when Sam Raimi and crew are on location and we begin getting pics of Spider-Man against live backgrounds - usually with some dame in his arms? This time it's a blonde... well, technically a redhead, but you know blondes these days. Anyways - the above pic is of today's NEW YORK POST - and is the closest thing to a real issue of the Daily Bugle as you're likely to see. In fact, it would have been so cool to have the headline, "Webbed-Menace Snatches Blondie!" Sigh. Those pics came from "The Cool Spiderman from the Electric Company" - The next 3 pics come from Jamie who was on set:

Aint it cool team -

I'm sure you've already been flooded with some pics from the shooting of Spiderman 3 this weekend in NYC. No matter - I Iive just around the corner from 55th & 6th Ave where most of the action is taking place ~ and I've been reading this site for at least 5 years - so it's time to give back :)

The shots speak for themselves - it was hard to get a good angle w/ most of the crew & equipment trucks blocking the plaza - but did get clean shots of Spiderman in custom, Topher, Cromwell & B. Howard. Basic scene context is it looks like there's a massive battle on a top floor & which ends in debris on the plaza. Gwen is running to her dad & spidey does some pretty cool wire work after talking to pre-venom Brock. They've got some pretty intense wires running between the skyscrapers on the block & a ton of extras that police are protecting on the street....

Have a great holiday weekend - hope you can use them!


These next 6 shots came from about a dozen sources - that didn't credit where they had gotten them or if they shot em themselves.

Lastly - here's some close ups of the New York Post story from the "Cool Spiderman from the Electric Company"...

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