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UPDATE 7:34 PM CST USA 06/01/06

Merrick here...

Images removed per request of sources.

UPDATE: 11:38 (ooooohhhh, 1138) PM CST USA

Hey folks…Merrick again (again)...

Master Fwiffo passed along a few more pics snapped by DerLange. These are of Bonecrusher (as a vehicle). The links appear in the article body below, in GREEN.


I just glanced through the TRANSFORMERS script and matched up the vehicles seen in these images to stuff that happens in the script.


The Camaro variants belong to the lead character (Sam), who doesn’t know that his beloved car is, actually, a Transformer (Autobot) named Bumblebee.

We’ll see Sam finding & buying this car with his father, and follow him as he comes to realize there’s more to this humble vehicle than meets the eye. Said revelation will involve Sam in a battle between Autobots and Decepticons for possession of the precious Energon Cube – an object of unknown origin whose life force created the Autobots. The Energon Cube has been “lost to the limitless stars”, and arrives…by simple, elegant chance…here on Earth.

Bumblebee eventually has it out with a Decepticon named Brawl (the black police car linked below).

The Osprey aircraft are specified in a sequence set in Qatar, in which the U.S. military (ground troops, aerial) takes on a Decepticon named Skroponok in an epic battle.

Quint recently visited the set in both Alamogordo and White Sands – he witnessed the Skorponok battle referenced above. He’s currently traveling to & setting up shop in New Zeland for a bit, but be sure to keep an eye out for his lengthy report in the near future.

Here’s another tidbit from a source, about Vortex – a transforming helicopter: “When the chopper lands in the film, it will have a CG cockpit that will have an entire crew inside of it. It will flicker out revealing that the chopper is, in fact empty - and "Vortex" will transform for the first time.”

Finally, I’m guessing the tank pictures are Devastator – a Tank Decepticon who wreaks havoc in the big-ass giant robot brawl late in the film.

I’ve added a few more images BELOW – the newest links appear in BLUE.

OH! For those Talkbackers wondering about Megatron in this movie...Megatron is a JET in this draft of the script. There are indications that certain Transformers' names and/or "identities" may have/might still change, so I suppose there's a chance this might not stick. And, Optimus is a truck.

ENJOY! (and, thanks to Master Fwiffo for the addition of his images, as well!)


Merrick here...

Sallokin, Appleseed, and Nightshade snapped some pictures of vehicles (not morphed into Transformers) as they'll appear in the forthcoming TRANSFORMERS movie.

Just so you know, several of the images linked below are LARGE.


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