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Fox dredges the UNDERWORLD for their director on DIE HARD 4.0!

Hey folks, Harry here... Fox, in an attempt to always find a better director than the last time out, has gone from John McTiernan to Len Wiseman, director of the UNDERWORLD films for their next installment of DIE HARD... which is apparently being called DIE HARD 4.0, where John McClane comes out of retirement to fight a gang of vicious Internet Terrorists! I'm sure they're not talking about John McClane fighting a group of geeks that have been doing person-2-person dvd burning or downloading of films currently in theaters... or... maybe they are. After all, Fox has ALIENS VS PREDATORS in a fucking Walmart... don't they? I remember reading that somewhere... oh yeah, Moriarty wrote that. Hmmmm...

P.S. Bari (talkbacker) - I never said X-MEN 3 wouldn't have a gigantic opening weekend. Only that I didn't like the film.

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