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Evil Henchman goes to Cannes and blows CLERKS 2...

Hey folks, Harry here... I need to see this now.

Hey Harry Evil Henchman here with my second and last report from Cannes this time with a review of Clerks II the worldpremiere!!

Let me start off by saying that I love Kevin Smith!! together with Robert Rodriguez he is one of my idols. I think Dogma is one of the best movies ever made and I love all his work (ok jersey girl I don't love but I think it's an ok movie) so when queing for this and getting in I was really excited.. It was a midnight screening and Kevin Smith along with his wife,Scott Mosier,Rosario Dawson,Brian O Halloran and Jeff anderson presented the flick.I also saw Harvey Weinstein in the crowd after the screening. Kevin had only half a tuxedo on and looked hilarious.. He had the usual shorts and van shoes with no socks too a shirt,bow tie and jacket.. He said a few words about how he loved the cast and that clerks played here 13 years ago then the movie rolled...

So to the movie itself with minor spoilers... I think it rocked!! A worthy addition to the view askew movies... The basic story is that at the beginning the quick stop burns to the ground (randall says to Dante -Terrorists? when he sees it) the movie then takes place a year later with our clerks working at moobys with Becky (Rosario Dawson) and Elias (Trevor Fehrman). Dante has meet a girl (played by Kevins wife) that he's going to move to florida with the next day and start his new and better life with so it's his last day at moobys and with Randall. Problem is that Dante has feelings for the Rosario Dawson character and just as the first movie he is torn between two ladies and what he really wants. Just like the first clerks the movie spans over one day except for the first and last two minutes of the movie

Clerks II has everything the fans want. Jeff Anderson is awsome as Randall whether he's being mean too people on the internet, having a geek discussion with Trevor Fehrman about star wars versus the lord of the rings (As Randall puts hit -All they did in LOTR was walk, even the fucking trees walked in those movies!!) or talking about that teenagers even like it when they go ass to mouth. Jeff Anderson has the best laughs in the movie but newcomer Fehram is hilarious as transformers and Lotr geek Elias and a great addition to the movie. Rosario Dawson plays the cute boss of Moobys perfectly and Brian is the yang to Randalls ying. Then we have the new and improved jay and Silent bob who have found christ. I'm not gonna say more but Jay Mewes kicks fucking ass in this movie and watching him dance to the boom box kicks ass..

the movie also has a muscal number which I loved and an ending which I think is perfect.. The movie is much more sentimental then the first Clerks.. there are some really zappy moments in the end with messages about how important frienship is and Randall really shows his love for Dante but for me it works. Some might think it's tacky but I think it's pretty cute and you really feel how much Kevin loves these characters. The sequel compared to the first one feels more like a movie. It has more events and you feel Dante and Randall evolving in it. This is not to say the movie is perfect. It's funny but no funnier then the first one and a few jokes fell flat here and there and you also feel that the story and build up is pretty similiar to the first one only fleshed out a bit more. the third act is very similiar with the first one with Dante choosing between two women and randall saying things he shouldn't out loud and them fighting and discussing their friendship and their history together.

Despite thiese quibbles I think it's great movie and I rate it 4 out of 5. Of Kevins movies I think dogma is the best followed by clerks,mallrats and then this

when the movie was over the crowd applauded Kevin during the entire credits while he was kissing his wife and smiling. I walked up to him in the lobby and said it was a great movie and that he should keep up the good work.. he said thanks and that he would of course.. Overall it was a great experience and a dream come true for me to see the world premiere of Clerks II and seeing Kevin there.. Todays the end of the festival and although I haven't seen any of the movies in the official competition I don't think any of them is as funny as Clerks II... Goodbye fellow geeks

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