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4 Tiny Scenes from Guillermo Del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH emerge online!

Hey folks, Harry here with some scenes from PAN'S LABYRINTH that have debuted on a French website online... which means you have a Spanish film with French subtitles in these clips... the first two have to do with the little girl as she begins to see that fantasy world emerge around her. The second two have to do with her step-father's character and his search for rebels in the woods in the province they live. The film has played, yet we've yet to see a review pop in on either HOLLYWOOD REPORTER or VARIETY yet, but I have heard from a friend (not Guillermo) that the press screening went phenomenally and that the film was beloved. The phrase, "Guillermo's masterpiece" has been uttered more than once in regards to this film. Picturehouse has picked it up, we'll be seeing it I believe in late September / early October. Perfect time for a dark horror fantasy... Autumn is the time for such things.

Click Here to Get a Glimpse at PAN'S LABYRINTH!

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