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UPDATED: Pixar's RATATOUILLE Trailer Is Now On-Line...In French, Of Course!!

Merrick remembers a character named Ratatouille from George Lucas’ TWICE UPON A TIME…

The trailer for Diseney/Pixar’s RATATOUILLE is now on-line.

This trailer is in French…appropriately enough…and is (presumably) the same material we’ll get in English when it’s attached to CARS (which will be released June 9).

Quint got a look at this trailer during this year’s ShoWest. You can read his report HERE.

RATATOUILLE is currently slated for a June 29, 2007 release. It’s co-directed by Brad Bird (you know, he directed IRON GIANT and THE INCREDIBLES – neither of which would have any meaning to AICN readers. I’m kidding!) and Bob Peterson - whose involvement with past Pixar projects ranges rom art/animation to voice work.

You can access the RATATOUILLE trailer HERE!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this. Check back in a bit - we're expecting some French-to-English translations shortly!


Hey everybody…

Captain Reynolds was kind enough to send in this rough translation of the trailer on

Hope this helps. And, ENJOY!


And tonight before dessert, for your enjoyment, we introduce the cheese plate. We have this delicious goat cheese bell, real lite, real sweet. Then, an ewe that will satisfy you with its generous perfume. But, last but not least, a real old and real special...

It's a rat!


- And there I am. I think I have to reconsider my life. There's nothing I can do, it's over my strength, I love good food, ok? And good food is very hard to find for a rat.

- You would find I you weren't so requiring.

- I don't want to eat in dustbins, dad... What's that?

- I have no idea.

- You have no idea, but you eat it anyway, don't you?

- You know, if you can close the exit after you throw up, you have a whole lot of possibilities for food.

- Voilà! That's exactly what I meant.

(Over the movie title) Nothing of this would have happened I we did not live in Paris! And it's sooo easy to find good food in Paris! But... it's dangerous. [un-freeze].

- You have to reconsider you life!

- You know, he is right!

- Dad, it's enough!


The title says : Diner will be served... summer 2007.

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