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The Weinstein Bros unveil their DRAGON DYNASTY with the help of Tarantino!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Now the Bros. Weinstein haven't had the best track record paying the proper respect to Asian cinema, however it seems whenever Quentin Tarantino puts his name on one (HERO), the Bros will release the films relatively unfucked with. So, this announcement of the Weinstein's new label called DRAGON DYNASTY actually sounds like good news. Tarantino is reported to be holding their hands on their release slate, which includes ONG BAK 2, TOM YUN GONG (called THE PROTECTOR here), SPL, SEVEN SWORDS, BORN TO FIGHT and DRAGON SQUAD. More exciting, however, are the 50 Shaw Bros library titles they'll have control over. The only ones mentioned by Hollywood Reporter are John Woo's early stuff (HARD BOILED, THE KILLER, BETTER TOMORROW 1 and 2 and BULLET IN THE HEAD), but I imagine they got some crazy chop sockey '70s gems in that catalogue, too. I'd personally love to see a spruced up rerelease of the Hammer Horror and Shaw Bros team-up flick SEVEN BROTHERS VS. DRACULA.

So, as long as Tarantino has his name attached to these releases, I will be mega happy, especially about those Shaw Bros titles. Can't wait to see them open the flood gates here. What about you?

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